Welcome to Queen Bee!

Queen Bee is a designer inspired jewelry and accessories company that sells at wholesale prices. Co-founders Liz and Rebecca are dedicated to keeping your shopping experience fun and at a fun price. As you may have noticed we try to not buy too many of any one piece. This allows you to be sure that you will not see your jewelry in lots of other stores. Unfortunately, it means that when you see a piece you like, you should buy it immediately as it may not be there tomorrow. Another factor in our success is that we constantly get new merchandise.  

Queen Bee does consultations as well. If you are having a wedding, or any special event, we can help you choose just the right jewelry for your event and still keep you smiling. Queen Bee is there for you. Just call Rebecca or Liz and we will be happy to schedule a time when we can meet and discuss your needs and budget.  We have access to many product lines so we can assure you that whatever you are envisioning, we can find.